Mugg Man ft Jon Glenn "MY TOWN" Video

Mugg Man, a rising artist from Dead End in Southeast Houston is authentic in a landscape of hip-hop pretenders. The Houston native proudly carries the city of Houston on his back and has been influenced by the hip-hop culture since a youth. After graduating from Worthing High School as a star athlete, he entered the Navy and was stationed in San Diego where he proudly served our country. That is where he started to pursue his musical journey after being known for his lyrical word-play with a southern swag and versatile deliverance. Once out of the navy with a long catalog of songs and celebrity collaborations, Mugg Man started to focus on his solo career as an artist. That's when he reunited with one of his high school teammates and childhood friends, Ash Davito, who started Global Keys Records Corporation, which produced one of the biggest songs in Mugg Mans library of music titled "My Town" featuring R&B artist Jon Glenn.

Jon Glenn is the "go-to guy" for R&B features and dance choreography at "New Vibe Dance Studio" in Houston where he teaches dance classes to children and teens. The musical chemistry on "My Town" single project is undeniable.

The R&B hook, written by Ash Davito, mixed with Mugg Mans raw lyrics also has a smooth "country" vibe to it, making the track unique and easily adaptable for many genres. The once star athlete is now the star artist on Global Keys Records Corporation rooster. Check out the official video right now.

Connect w/ Mugg Man:
Instagram: @GlobalKeysRecords


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