Infamous Thierry "Big Bang Thierry" Album

Infamous Thierry Storms The Music Industry Again With His Latest Project

Talented LA artist, Infamous Thierry, continues to enjoy rave reviews for the “Big Bang Thierry” EP and his latest single titled “Loaf”
Infamous Thierry is not stopping in his pursuit of using his musical talent as a tool for driving positive changes in society, with his latest body of works titled “Big Bang Thierry,” substantiating this claim. In a related development, he recently dropped “Loaf” as well as the lyric video to the single, a song that has continued to make waves across all digital platforms.
The music industry has undoubtedly evolved over the years, with the emergence of several artists and labels delivering amazing tunes to millions of people across the globe. One of the acts that have practically challenged the status quo in the music scene is Infamous Thierry, creating thought-provoking yet entertaining songs that have endeared him to music lovers worldwide.
The prominent Baton Rouge, LA artist has grown in leaps and bounds since making his debut as an executive producer, writer, and CEO, and most importantly, rapper. The “Big Bang Thierry” project, his debut EP, which was inspired by his love for the Universe and how it symbolizes creation, has helped him to showcase his versatility and ingenuity as an entertainer.
Infamous Thierry literally poured his heart into every line on each track in the EP and he has revealed plans to drop a sequel to the project based on the feedback from fans. In a related development, the multifaceted entertainer recently dropped the lyric video to Loaf as well as the video to Infamous Thierry - True Story.
Otherwise known as Cameron Thierry, Infamous Thierry looks to be on his way to becoming the biggest music export from Baton Rouge, with a social media following of over 300K, thanks to his compelling artistry, passion, and creativity.

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