Vic Blends is impacting hip hop culture one fade at a time

At only 21 years old, Vic Blends is younger than younger some of his hip hop clients, but his business savvy has proven light years ahead of the game. An authentic hip hop head, Blends has combined his love for cutting hair and his commitment to entrepreneurship and the result is a million-dollar business with legacy as the long-term goal.

CELEBRITY CLIENT LIST: Nelly, Trae Young, NLE Choppa, Polo G, Mozzy, Cam Reddish, Desi Banks, D’Angelo Russel, 2kBaby, Sonny Digital, Dennis Smith Jr, De’Andre Hunder, Brandin Cooks, Evan Turner, Bruno Fernando, Kostas Anteokounmpo, Xavier Wuff, Harry Giles III, Willie Hernangomez, Haha Davis, Dorien Finney Smith

Checkout our exclusive 1 on 1 with Vic Blends

What is special about the relationships with some of your celebrity clients? The best thing about my relationships with my A-List clients is the privacy and genuine relationship I build.
Do you have any advice on how to build relationships with your clients? I think this is extremely important for building relationships, especially someone you look forward to growing with. You never know who is going through what, mental health is extremely important so I advise everybody to take some time out their day if they can’t just to call someone you care about!
Are you a hip hop fan? Yes, hip hop is a huge part of my life. I just turned 21 so my first favorite childhood artist was Lil Wayne and first concert was Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz.
Do you want to focus on hip hop artists with your talent? Do you feel like you're part of the culture by cutting hair for some of today's hottest artists? I wouldn't say that would be my only focus, but I think we go hand in hand because its something i'm already passionate about and love to be around.
What do you think about then new procedures that show men adding hair after going bald? I think they're amazing! I’m all for anything that adds confidence in the client.

Why is a fresh cut so important? What does it do for a mans confidence? There's not many things on this earth a man will love more, than a fresh haircut! That has to be the #1 confidence booster we can get. So ladies, please take notes, if you want to treat your man to something nice, pay for his haircut every once in a while, I promise there's nothing we love more!
Connect w/ Vic Blends:
Instagram: vicblends
For more information or for interviews please contact: Christal Jordan |Enchanted Branding & Public Relations | 678-499-0297 |


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